Personalised branded table top & takeaway packaging to enhance your brand

About us

Enhance are representatives for leading European manufacturers of personalised promotional wipes, tissues napkins, tabletop and takeaway items.

Our key personalised product groups are;

  • Personalised promotional individual sachets of wet wipes
  • Personalised promotional paper napkins
  • Promotional personalised table top items such as greaseproof paper, card trays, toothpicks
  • Personalised promotional takeaway items such as takeaway bags, trays and takeaway window boxes
We also sell a range of standard non personalised wipes to give you added choice.

Why Choose Enhance?

The key points are:

  • Manufactured in the EU by trusted factories with many years experience and full accreditation
  • In house artwork, printing and production to ensure superior product and print quality
  • 4 week lead time ( for most items ) from approval of artwork
  • Order from as few as 3000 items for the wipes, with larger print quantities available
  • Invoiced in sterling or Euros for your convenience
  • Competitive prices
  • Fast, efficient service. Your project is handled by a UK based co-ordinator, with the finished product delivered to your chosen location throughout Europe
Our supplier’s accreditation

  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 14001 Environmental management
  • Licensed by the Health Authorities
The personalised process
The process of manufacturing your own design personalised products is quick and efficient as follows;

Decide which product
Decide which product(s) you would like to personalise.

Price quotation
Contact us, either by calling 07785380457, e mailing or filling in the the price quotation form and we will quote a price in writing and send you samples. If that is acceptable we move on to the design stage.

Design stage
You can either produce your own design, or we can produce a design for you.

If you produce your own design we normally work with Adobe illustrator CS4 or CS6 ( attach the fonts /texts converted to lines) and pantone references for colours Artwork /production

We send you a finished piece of artwork for you to approve. Once you approve the artwork we put your order into the factory for production. We also send you a pro forma invoice (which can either be in Sterling or Euros) which we would ask you to pay before delivery with either a cheque, or on line transfer.

The production process takes 4-6 weeks or less, however if you have a specific deadline please let us know and we will endeavour to meet it.

The finished product is delivered to your chosen location.

Frequently asked questions

How long have your company being manufacturing personalised wipes, napkins, tabletop & takeaway items ?
The EU based companies that we represent have been manufacturing personalised promotional wipes, tissues napkins, tabletop and takeaway items for many years and have many customers across Europe. They are a family owned businesses where the Owner /Directors have a “hands on” involvement in the running of the business.

How long does it take to produce my personalised wipes, napkins, tabletop & takeaway items ?
Most personalised wipes are delivered within 4 weeks and the other items a little longer from when you approve the artwork.

What information could I include on my personalised wipes, napkins, tabletop & takeaway items ?
Personalised items are a powerful way of promoting your business. You could include;

  • Your logo and promotional message
  • Links to social media sites like twitter and facebook
  • Your address and telephone numbers
  • Your e mail and web address
  • The key selling points about your establishment
  • A location map
  • Opening times
On a good selection of the packs you can print on the reverse, so you have a large area to promote your message

Can I pay in Euros for my personalised wipes, napkins, tabletop & takeaway items ?
You can either pay in British Pounds or in Euros. Once you have approved the artwork we start to manufacture your personalised wet wipes. We send you an invoice for payment before we deliver the goods to you.

Will you produce a design for me for my personalised wipes, napkins, tabletop & takeaway items ?
Yes we can produce a design free of charge for your personalised products. All you need to do is supply us with a copy of your logo and inform us of any additional information that you require and we will produce a design for you. We e mail it to you and you can make changes without incurring cost.

Can you deliver to my establishment?
Once your personalised wet wipes have been manufactured we organise delivery to your chosen address with a well established transport company, alternatively you can organise your own transport and pick up from the factory.

Are the personalised wipes, napkins, tabletop & takeaway items environmentally sound?
The factory has very high standards when it comes to production. As much as is possible the products are produced in a environmentally friendly way. The factories have full accreditation .Some products like the napkins have been manufactured from recycled paper, are recyclable and have been printed with compostable inks

What is the print quality like for the personalised wipes, napkins, tabletop & takeaway items ?
The print quality of the personalised promotional wipes, tissues napkins, tabletop and takeaway items is of a very high standard. The companies have their own in house printing machines, so they can control the print quality and have been producing personalised products for many years.

Do you have a price list for your personalised wipes, napkins, tabletop & takeaway items
We publish prices for minimum quantities on the website. Generally speaking the more print colours you require the more expensive it becomes and the larger the order quantity the cheaper per item it becomes. If you contact us we will e mail you with a total price for the job with no hidden extras.

Are there discounts for larger orders?
Yes there are. Generally speaking the more that is ordered the cheaper the price. Although you can order as few as 3000 wet wipes, the factories have capacity to produce very large quantities of product.
To order call 07785380457

Enhance are specialists in sourcing personalised branded items for the Hospitality Industry. We specialise in personalised branded wipes, napkins, greaseproof paper, carrier bags and table top and takeaway items for restaurants, bars, pubs & cafes.

Personalised branded items are a great way to promote your business and can create extra customer loyalty and reflect your establishment's image.

Our factory's quality credentials are superb. Print and product quality are second to none. We offer most of our personalised range in a recycled, recyclable format to help with your environmental credentials.

Enhance have been supplying many prestigious and established customers throughout the uk for the last 15 years.

As we are specialists at sourcing personalised items we can take all the hassle away from dealing with lots of different suppliers and can organise a speedy transition from first enquiry to final delivery.

We can help with producing artwork for you at no extra cost. Free samples are available on request.

In terms of timing it ranges from a speedy 3 weeks for wet wipes through to 8 weeks for takeaway bags and we organise delivery direct from the factory to your establishment with the minimum of fuss.

We also have a range of standard products available on shorter 48 hr lead times

And finally, but not least our prices are very competitive especially for volume orders.