Personalised branded packaging to Enhance your brand

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Personalised greaseproof & Waxed paper

We offer a large selection of personalised greaseproof, waxed paper and silver foil paper, which is an ideal way to promote your business and enhance your image. 

We can produce in any size that you require to meet your needs whether to wrap burgers, as a tray liner or line a fries basket.

We produce personalised custom sizes in normal greaseproof ( for burgers, chips etc),waxed for wetter items such as coleslaw,chutneys, mash etc and the ultimate in waxed paper for maximum wet strength and a very fashionable look. Foil sheets are also available to keep takeaway items hotter longer

Orders normally take 10 days for small print runs and no more than 4 weeks for larger print runs.

We can print 1-4 colours on one side of the paper. Print quality is superb. we can also offer more specialist papers , like Alufoil ( for keeping food warmer) Standard generic designs are also available on 1 week leadtime

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Enhance are specialists in sourcing personalised branded items for the Hospitality Industry. We specialise in personalised branded wipes, napkins, greaseproof paper, carrier bags, table top and takeaway items for restaurants, bars, pubs & cafes.

Personalised branded items are a great way to promote your business and can create extra customer loyalty and reflect your establishment's image.

Our factory's quality credentials are superb. Print and product quality are second to none. We offer most of our personalised range in a recycled, recyclable format to help with your environmental credentials.

Enhance have been supplying many prestigious and established customers throughout the uk for the last 15 years.

As we are specialists at sourcing personalised items we can take all the hassle away from dealing with lots of different suppliers and can organise a speedy transition from first enquiry to final delivery.

We can help with producing artwork for you at no extra cost. Free samples are available on request.

In terms of timing it ranges from a speedy 3 weeks for greaseproof paper through to 4/6 weeks for most other items and we can we organise delivery direct from the factory to your establishment with the minimum of fuss.

We also have a range of standard products available on shorter lead times

And finally, but not least our prices are very competitive especially for volume orders.